Subprime Loans and Mobile Phones

The collapse of Worldcom and Enron revealed the reluctance of the credit rating agencies to make vital decisions to downgrade ratings given to booming assets. The inability of the agencies to inform investors of the risk in backing sub-prime collateral debt obligations was even more noticeable than the failings which led to the technology bubble at the beginning of the century. This negligence has led to many questioning the need for the agencies entirely; surely misleading asset valuation is worse than none at all? At least if investors knew they faced information asymmetries they could act accordingly. Empirically it has been demonstrated that ratings are often reactive to market prices rather than having a more logical effect of dictating them. The false sense of security an overrating can provide, prevents a greater level of market-led investor scrutiny that would otherwise prevail, this would at least be an effective solution in a world of perfectly obtainable information. The oligopoly enjoyed by Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitches however, have raised these companies’ profits, while lowering the level of service throughout the market. For some reason though, the consumer credit market is not plagued with these same issues; is it uncommon to receive a surprisingly high credit score but not to receive an unfairly low score, why? Not too long ago with no history of late payments on my credit report, I was refused a contract for a phone.. Why does such a disparity between the wild optimism for commercial and financial assessment and inhibitive prudence in the consumer risk assessment world exist?

This can be in part assigned to a form of the notion of regulatory capture. This can be described by the conflicting motives the ratings agencies are subjected to. This is a moral hazard, one particularly apparent in the anti-competitive oligopolistic market within which the ratings agencies operate. In mid 2007 as a direct consequence of the fervent popularity of collateralised debt, the agencies were in the midst of record success. Structured investment products were accredited for nearly half of these firms’ profits at the beginning of the sub-prime crisis. Encouraging vigilance upon their clients was not an option for these firms, this approach did not align with their own incentives; instead they told them what they wanted and expected to hear, what was making them money and what all the other agencies were saying. Furthermore, such is the mentality of the city clique, if one of the agencies was to have unilaterally stopped the madness of overrated debt they would have been disparaged by the rest of the city and operating against their own best interest. Only in an uncompetitive market place would it be in a firm’s best interest to destroy its longer term reputation: as long as all of them were together, bar a rejection of the agencies altogether, there would be no consequences. This kind of ‘race to the bottom,’ a mutually assured destruction of reputation, is one of the key negative effects to identify and combat with both unregulated markets and perhaps more pertinently to our context- badly regulated markets. With all the barriers to entry in this market place, there was no possibility of a start up agency bucking the trend and rejecting the ratings offered. The financial community fell victim to a variety of ‘agency capture,’ one only visible in an uncompetitive market place. Regulators, and ratings agencies too, have alliances to more than their just their own organisation, the factors leading to their decisions, governed by personal allegiances and sometimes future job prospects, never facilitated downgrades of the assets owned by SIVs. Without this same clout over my credit ratings, I am left to wonder where I went wrong and why I am still left with my pay as you go phone… If only Halifax had sold phone loans.

Invest soon to own your dream semi-retirement business

Investment can be the way to finding that dream job, not to retire but to remove the desire for retirement. Investment today could make it possible to become your own boss soon, so you don’t even think about retirement. Owning a guitar shop has been my dream job ever since I was a youth gawping at the Fenders on my high street. Listening to and playing music all day while helping others to nurture their own talent is the equivalent for a music nut to lying on a beach with a cocktail to every other retiree. While I do not look forward to idle retirement with the same excitement as most, I do require successful investment to facilitate this semi-retirement dream of owning a shop. However this is made difficult by the current economic climate: As risk of default rises, so does the rate of interest. As the rate of interest rises, so does the likelihood of default. As defaults rise, rate of job loss increases, as rate of job losses increase, less people earning leads to less people spending meaning a higher rate of default and foreclosure on businesses. This cycle is putting off many would-be investors. Perhaps though now is the time to take the plunge into the stock market.

The pessimists amongst us warn of negative growth for three years and advising us to buy gold and to go short on stocks (just as they have done.) But this talk of a ‘suckers rally,’ while unnerving for investors, should not put off everyone from buying some high risk, recently hit stocks. The plain fact is, when the bull market returns for an extended period only a sucker would have his money in gold or even worse, short on the FTSE. A small hit from buying too early and suffering a fall is preferable to missing the rise when it comes and forever be left behind. I advise to buy soon and to bury your head in the sand for ten years- see how much RBS, Lloyds and the property companies are worth then- maybe enough to begin a chain of musical instrument shops.

Good Sam Club – World’s largest RV Owners community

If you are planning to join a club with bundles of benefits then I have come across a very good club. the name of the club is Good Sam Club, Its the world’s largest RV Owners community.

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further on click of any city, will give you a detailed info like type of Facility,Big Rig, whether pets are Welcome, availability of Internet, whether Virtual Tour is available and Photo Gallery

No Credit Check Cellular Phone Services – The Advantages

The advent of no credit check wireless is offering an advantage to those who might not have a credit rating. This lack of credit rating can be due to any number of reasons such as past credit problems, being too young or being a new comer who does not qualify for credit due to income or other criteria the credit companies use.

When someone signs a contract for cellular phone services, there are certain requirements that a customer must agree to. For example, the customer must stay with the company in question for a period of one to two years. If this contract is broken or ended early, there is usually a substantial penalty that is due to the company should you end your contract before that set time period has expired.

To ensure that a customer can meet financial obligations, many providers of cellular phone services require a mandatory credit check to see that past payment history is very good. Often, the cellular phone services company will require that the customer can provide a credit card that the monthly cost can be drawn from to ensure that the company receive their payment regularly. A consumer not having a credit car, a good enough credit history or insufficient credit history, will be denied cellular phone service. With a no credit check wireless cell phone there is no long term time period that you have to purchase service for. Instead, air time minutes are purchased for approximately 60 to 90 days, or up until they are consumed, whichever comes first.

Many no credit check cellular phone services rent time from the big carriers like AT&T, so even if you get a prepaid or no credit check cell phone, you will get service that has as extensive a coverage area as the big carriers. Like the phones covered under the set-period plans, you can use the phones for long distance calls, and the cost to make them has decreased in price as nationwide coverage has decreased in price.

Although the phones used on a no credit check basis are somewhat more limited in function than those offered on other types of plans, there are a few advantages to getting one of these phones. For one thing, many of these entry level phones can be purchased for under $20, making them perfect for older folks and children. They have fewer features and are far easier to use for members of these age groups.

In the event that you’ve lost your phone, you don’t need to worry as much, due to its low value. Also, if the unit is lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry about the problem of someone running up a huge phone bill that you might find yourself liable for. Instead, the phones have a set number of airtime minutes that once gone render the phone unusable. This choice is also a good way to limit the phone’s use to strictly an emergency basis for a child or teen. In order to keep the phone active, all that needs to be done is purchase around 30 minutes of airtime every 60 or 90 days, otherwise you can just use up the minutes and allow the service to expire. You can easily get service again at a later time with no penalties for early termination.

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Insurance under single roof from Insurance Quotes

If you are looking out for Insurance comparison site then I have found a very good Insurance Quotes comparison site, where you can compare insurance from various sources,In order to get a quotes on auto,home, renter , life, disability, care, burial or business business insurance, you need to choose any of these options of your choice and then enter the zip code, the engine will ask your personal details like first name, last name and also if you have a policy in existence, it will ask you the details of the same with respect to related insurance type.

For ex: if you are looking out for an auto insurance quote then you need to select Auto Insurance and input the zip code, enter the personal details and vehicle details , It will also ask the driver details. you will be presented Superior Coverage,Superior Coverage ,Basic Coverage and State minimum Coverage. to know more please log on to the website.

The Palm Pre: The Latest Advancement In Smartphone Technology.

There have been many phones that have gone up against the iPhone. The iPhone was so revolutionary that it has been hard to top ever since its release. That is until now. The newest addition to the smartphone family might just be able to dethrone the iPhone. The Palm Pre has just been released and has been labeled as the iPhone Killer ever since it was announced. With its advancements it might not be the iPhone killer but this new smartphone is a welcome addition, and just might sway a few customers away from the iPhone.

The Palm Pre is made out of plastic. Many people assumed the Palm Pre would be less durable than other phones on the market. But on the contrary the phone is just as strong as any other phone. The plastic is of the highest quality. Being made out of plastic also makes the Palm Pre the only phone that can easily be recycled. This is important to all the environmentally conscious phone users in the world. One feature which is almost the standard among smartphones is a full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard isn’t up to par with the rest of the phone. The keys are located very close to each other and are unusually small. Those with small to average sized fingers using the keyboard will take getting used to. But for people with big or wide set fingers, they are going to have real trouble with it.

The ability to multitask is finally available and it is prominently featured on the Palm Pre. Utilizing the multitask feature users are now able to run numerous apps all at once. In previous smartphones the operating systems installed can only operate one app at a time (including the iPhone). But not you can be using multiple apps with ease. Also on previous smartphones receiving a phone call while using an app would mean the alert displayed would completely interrupt your app. But on the Palm Pre the alert is neatly displayed on the bottom 3rd of the screen, allowing you to continue using your app even if you choose to ignore the call.

The Palm Pre takes full advantage of the Wi-Fi and 3G offered up front. Surfing the web is fantastic and websites load almost instantly. With its superior screen and amazing network the Palm Pre is a real pleasure to use. The touch screen found on the Palm Pre is very responsive and even further expands on the finger commands introduced by the iPhone. The Palm Pre gives you multiple ways to execute any task.

While the Palm Pre may not exactly be the iPhone killer it was billed as, it certainly does improve on many of the iPhones basic functions. The improved picture quality and operating system is a huge step forward, but the small keyboard many feel is a step back. Anyone in the market for a smartphone should seriously consider the Palm Pre.

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Using HR Management Software To Maintain A Small Business

A business requires the need of a human resources department to function once it reaches a certain size. Before things start to spiral out of control from there, business owners are urged to start looking at human resource management software options.

Hiring a new employee is too expensive for a small business. Most jobs will require a commitment of $50,000 each year. Considering HRMS software is usually a one-time fee and inexpensive in nature, it would be logical to instead go for the software option. Any administrator can learn to use the human resource management programs out today, so training isn’t much of a predicament.

Big businesses are scaling back on hired hands in the current recession, but it is a move to keep profits high and certainly isn’t a sign of failure. Instead big businesses are looking to streamline their operations and replace jobs with innovation. Human resource management software is able to organize data that once took a full staff of hired help. The increased organization is, in some cases, much more valuable to a big business than money saved from cut jobs.

Let’s face it, we aren’t all trained in human resource management tactics. Replacing a job with a piece of software is good only until you need to hire someone for a different position. Don’t fret- software today is able to allow administrators to input data found on resumes to help determine the best employees. Administrators can also give short interviews to verify the software was correct in an assumption.

When a business grows, there is less ability of a single administrator to stay up to date on employees to a high degree. Performance reviews are created at this point to evaluate the work each employee does- usually on an annual basis. Performance reviews can be handled through human resource management software, saved for viewing next time a performance review is necessary, and can greatly help in determining pay raises or advancements.

No longer will you have to keep track of hours worked by employees through paper and pen. An online system can be used instead, of which uses employee identification numbers and a login system to conduct operations. This system makes payment easy as well, with the ability of operators to instantly build payment reports and make appropriate actions. Instead of spending hours for a few days each pay period building up such reports, let the software handle it for you in a greatly reduced time period.

Closing Comments

Taking advantage of new types of software is the best course of action for businesses today. Without awareness of such programs, businesses might still be operating on archaic systems that would hinder the progress of a business.

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The Samsung LN52B750 52 Inch LCD TV – Check Out My Review

Welcome to my review of the new Samsung LN52B750 52 inch LCD HDTV. I would highly recommend to anyone to buy the Samsung LN52B750 LCD HDTV if you’re looking for a new TV for your home.

With a 52 inch screen (measured diagonally) you’ll be blown away. Combining it’s full HD 1080p screen resolution and Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus 240 Hz Technology, you’ll hardly want to leave the sofa. Every picture and image really will amaze you, aswell as your friends and family.

Since I bought my Samsung LN52B750 HDTV, I’ve watched loads of BluRays and DVDs on it. I must tell you that the picture quality really is something else. I also watch plenty of sports and it’s like watching through a window from the directors’ box – the quality is really that good.

This TV is much more than just a TV. It comes with lots of great technological features that you couldn’t dream up. I personally love the Internet@TV feature the most. You can surf content from your favourite sites like Yahoo!, Flickr and YouTube sitting in your living room, via your remote control.

Other great features include a pre loaded content library on a 1GB flash memory drive. It has great stuff on it like workout routines, games and lots of entertainment features. You can update these features or upload new ones from the Samsung website via your Internet@TV feature.

With a 2 millisecond, super fast response time, this TV’s picture quality really is a cut above the rest. From watching action movies to playing video games, you’ll feel like the action is happening in the same room!

Since I bought my TV, all of my friends and family have commented and complimented on it. I sometimes find it hard getting rid of them! I would highly recommend this TV to anyone who’s looking for the best quality available – because that’s exactly what you get with this TV.

If you’ve decided you’d like to buy the Samsung LN52B750 52 inch LCD TV then I’d recommend that you check the top online retailers for the best deals. The are able to offer lower prices as they do not have to pay to run high street stores (floor staff and rent etc). You’ll typically get your TV delivered for free within 3-4 working days.

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What is a Registry Cleaner?

If your computer is running on Windows, then it will come equipped with a Windows Registry. This is your computer’s database, and it has all the important information needed by your PC to work. This database normally develops errors through constant use, and if your computer is running slow, or if it crashes frequently or refuses to boot up, then you can assume that your registry has errors in it that need to be fixed.

In order to make your computer perform efficiently and smoothly, you would then need software to optimize its performance and clean up the registry. There are many options available both free and paid. While choosing a registry cleaner to fix up your PC you need to know which one is the best to use.

The registry is a very vital area of the PC and in order to select the best you need to evaluate it as per the following parameters:

First, your registry cleaner should have the ability to remove all unnecessary and invalid entries. These entries clog the system, slowing it down and pop ups appear. The over all efficiency of the system is hampered. Some registry cleaners only erase the empty entries. This does not help.

A registry entry is your computer’s database and it stores the location of files that are vitally important on your computer. These files are essential for running certain programs. Your registry cleaner needs to be absolutely efficient and all errors have to be fixed. If a registry cleaner is only removing empty files, then it is not helping your PC to perform well. Your computer will take time skipping over all the extra files to locate the entry it needs to perform the commands you have given it.

A registry cleaner is doing its job if it fixes as many files as possible so that Windows can find the files it needs to run your program as fast as possible.

Therefore the best registry cleaner fixes most of the files leaving only the important ones. The registry is vitally important containing a whole lot of files needed by Windows to operate. If Windows does not find the files it needs it simply crashes!

This brings us to the second important parameter needed to make your choice of a registry cleaner. Ensure that your registry cleaner has backup function. In case some file that is vitally important gets deleted, you would want to restore your registry. A back up function is very important. This is why a purchased registry cleaner is much better than a free one you have downloaded from the internet.

Get yourself a registry cleaner that has add-on functions like scan disk and disk defrag functions. Many of the leading ones come with add ons that are very useful and easy to use.

An easy to use registry cleaner is also a good choice. One which has a user interface, can be easily understood and operated should be preferred. Also check if it updates itself regularly on the latest PC errors.

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When Do You Use Robotic Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are everywhere, from office buildings to homes. They provide passage for heating and cooling and for the most part, we don’t think much about them until something goes wrong. However, regular cleaning is a necessity and that is now easier with Robotic Duct Cleaning.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts Over time, the ducts in a home or office will build up residue, dust, mites and bacteria. These nasties get sent up into our air, causing a number of health issues, ranging from mild allergies to more severe colds and congestion. The good news is that these can easily be prevented by simply cleaning the ducts on a regular basis.

The usual procedure for duct cleaning is to take a vacuum and a whip that spins, knocking debris loose with flying rubber arms while the vacuum picks up the dust and bits of dirt. This is effective for getting rid of large chunks of debris and also for removing blockages. However, there are still areas that this type of cleaning will miss, particularly corners and cracks or joins in the pipes.

Robotic Duct Cleaning During the 1980’s, when air quality first became a concern, cleaning companies used video cameras to show people just what was going on inside their air ducts and to prove that they were really dirty and needed to be cleaned. The video cameras were mounted on robotic devices that allowed them to be moved through the air ducts.

These days, that same technology allows for deep cleaning of the ducts. Where the regular method uses air-powered whips that tend to leave areas untouched, the robotic cleaners are far more effective in getting the little reached areas. They are built with a number of rotating brushes that can be moved to reach and clean any size of aid duct. The advantage of this is that these brushes actually get into cracks and remove the dirt and bacteria embedded there, something that the regular cleaning equipment usually can’t do.

While brushing out the dirt, these robotic duct cleaning machines are also vacuuming it up, so there’s very little excess dust. Another advantage of the robotic devices is that they also have video cameras so the operator can see exactly what areas need to be cleaned and how well the device is working.

Robotic duct cleaning is usually much more efficient and faster than the older method of cleaning and while not all companies offer this yet, it is often faster and cheaper to use a robot and the entire duct system is often completed in just one day.

Any time an air system is in need of cleaning and the preferred method is to get it done quickly, while ensuring that all the nasty stuff is out, then robotics are the way to go. They often end up costing the building owner less, as well, since there is no need for repeated visits. Overall, a robot can do a far better job of duct cleaning than a human trying to maneuver into the same spaces.

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