Some Facts Related To Penny Stock Trading

Nothing in the market is more attractive to the public than “penny” stocks, mainly to traders who have fairly small accounts. The reason for their attraction, rightly or wrongly, is the amount of leverage one can get if the right stock is chosen. More than likely, every one of us have fantasized about owning 1,000 shares of a $0.50 stock and have it skyrocket to $1 or $2 for triple digit gains. But what are “penny stocks” and how can we best take advantage of them?

A “penny stock” refers to a stock that trades below $5 per share, and for a number of reasons,these are considered to be the choice of the people who invest with limited funds. Though, trading penny stocks is a double-edge sword, as a lot of newbies to trading quickly discover.

For example, a penny stock can return magnificent gains, even with relatively small investments. But they can also take magnificent losses as well. Hence, it is most excellent that a penny stock trader is armed with the best possible tools, and with as much knowledge as possible before venturing into these shark-infested waters.

The good news is that knowledge about the underlying company is not required, nor is it required that the investor research company fundamentals. The reason is because all knowledge is accessible from one simple source—everything that is identified about a company and its fundamentals survives in the action of its stock chart!

It is true that that market is like a polling station, where millions of people are making a speculative “bet” on several instruments. If this action is properly interpreted, what better “opinion” can there be than a hundred thousand people placing hard money on the line? So, throw that analyst estimation out the window, throw those earnings reports in the trash, and ignore all “news” concerning the company, because every imaginable piece of information is built into the chart. And it is reflected instantly, in real time.

But the most excellent news of all is that chart interpretation is done for you, right away, you can find a numerous products available on the internet which you can make use of. By using comprehensive software products we can simply see which penny stocks are receiving the action, right now. This will also disclose which stocks have the greatest probability of a near-term move. Especially, it will keep you from making mistakes that could prove costly, or even fatal to your finances.

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How To Take Your Company Public: Software Application Design Firms Can Raise Capital Fast!

Are you trying to raise capital for your start-up or corporation in expansion? Have you exhausted your traditional institutional sources and hedge fund contacts? Don’t lose hope just yet! First of all, take all those pamphlets and brochures from banks and other traditional lenders that are lying all over your desk and toss them in the trash…they are absolutely useless.

Banks don’t have your company’s best interest in mind as they are hardly even staying afloat in this economy. Today’s institutional financier isn’t qualified to run a bath let alone a bank. Don’t put your future in the untested hands of a 20 something knucklehead. After you’ve tossed all that useless info in the trash, clear your head and then look at your company and ask yourself a few tough questions: Is your company invest-able? Do you and your executive staff have a pedigree that investors deem as seasoned enough to take their money and make affective use of it and not lose it? What proprietary concepts/technology/patents do you have that give you a larger market share with the proper cash infusion? What is your current capital/debt situation?

If, after pondering these questions you’ve come to the conclusion you honestly, truly have something worth pursuing then the next step is to look at the reality that your company is worthy of a public offering. Stay away from Pink Sheets and be weary of reverse mergers and in reality your company won’t qualify for the NASDAQ so the quickest way to raise public capital is the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin boards).

OTCBB is an SEC regulated platform that has a solid investor following and market makers that can effectively promote your stock to rapidly raise capital. Don’t let these difficult economic times steal your dreams of corporate prosperity and personal growth.

If you have a solid business concept, there is a way to fund it. Look into the OTCBB, it’s your best bet for an inexpensive public offering with a direct path to long term funding.

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Guitar Center Coupon

Guitar center coupon

One of the excellent ways to increasing the strength and flexibility of your finger is by playing through guitar finger exercise. Fingers should be in good condition so as to have a better grip on chords so as to be able to play rifts at lightning speed. There are some of the exercises which will definitely help you. The first hand exercise can be done without a guitar but one need to have a tennis ball to perform the exercise which helps in improving the overall hand strength.

Hand exercise can be done when one is in a school which will help in guitar playing. Playing of guitar is good to boost your mood if you are in the midst of a boring lecture. All you need to do is to keep your hands flat on the table and then lift them up so they rest on your finger tips. The exercise will help in improving your sense of rhythm and will help you move your separately while playing the guitar.

The coupon enables one to purchase guitar at reasonable rates.

Study Speed Reading


Hand movements can cause improvement of reading speed. Now I’ll introduce to you the well-known pacing movement. It uses your index finger of your dominant hand, i.e. right handed use right hand, to scan a line by running your finger under the type you are reading. Always turn the page with the unused, non-dominant hand. Don’t move your head, keep it still.

It’s simple. Just replace all your bad reading habits with one easily learned one: You’ll use your pacing hand. It breaks each of these habits automatically while it increases your reading speed.

The basic pacing movement uses your index finger of your dominant hand, i.e. right handed use right hand, to scan a line by running your finger under the type you are reading. Always turn the page with the unused, non-dominant hand. Don’t move your head, keep it still.

The process is simple. You’ll replace all your bad habits with one easily learned one: You’ll use your pacing hand. Here’s how it breaks each of these habits automatically while it increases your reading speed.

You’ll read without sub-vocalizing, hearing it your mind.

To understand this concept, you must understand that you’ve got this nemesis, an inner voice who is reading to you in silent speech and then it goes into your brain. We did experiments in Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, and elsewhere. It appears that those with the slowest speaking rates have naturally slow reading rates. With this method, your rate of speech won’t limit your reading speed. You can read as fast as you can think. What I am saying is you can read as fast as your mind can work.

Begin pacing across a line faster than you can form the sounds in your throat:

Extend your index finger, close all others.

You’ll be reading twice as fast as you ever have. You’ll retain valuable information and increase your comprehension and improve your grades.

Dr. Jay Polmar is the founder of, and has developed speed reading courses for people worldwide and has taught over 100,000 students throughout the world.

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Take Your Company Public…Cheap!

Many entrepreneurs dream of taking their company public and expanding their venture into an international enterprise that begins to hemorrhage investment capital and profits from the get-go but then reality sets in as one begins to navigate the dingy, shark infested waters of the ‘go public’ market place.

There are consultants and boiler room penny stock misfits just waiting for you to stumble onto their site and in only a few minutes on the phone you’re reeled in and signing contracts and making wire transfers and equity disbursements and at the end of the grueling 3 to 6 month process, you’re broke, your company is in shambles and you just stand their staring off into space feeling like the boogie-man just slapped you around. Welcome to an industry where the weak are preyed upon like wolves on an injured lamb tangled in a fence.

If you are serious about going public there are some structures to stay away from because 99.9% of the time they fail. Pink Sheets and Reverse Mergers into a public shell are two formations to be very weary of. Pink Sheets are almost a completely unregulated trading platform and known by any savvy investor as the ‘red light district’ of the public trading industry. Pump ’em and dump ’em is the name of the game with Pink Sheets. Stock Price manipulation is as common with pink sheets as gross stench is to 5 day old road kill on a desert highway. If you are going to get involved with Pink Sheets find an attorney or consultant that can guide you around the scam artists, it’s difficult to make in on the Pinks but I have heard of a few companies making it.

The next cesspool in the trading industry is ultra popular (for newbie’s) and the number one ‘big mistake’ made by countless ‘go public’ rookies, the reverse merger into a public shell ouch! It even hurts to say it. I get calls on a daily basis from business owners who thought they were getting droppings of manna from heaven when a consultant suggested that they save $100,000’s and months of work by simply buying a public shell and merging their entity with it and abracadabra you’re big time and public and making millions. Sadly the reality is that this poor sap just spent $200k on an entity with liens and 15% equity distributed to a group of investors who pumped up the stock and dumped it before the ink on the contracts was dry. Now his dreams are shattered, he’s broke; his company will get stripped down and sold off in pieces like an unlocked car in the ghetto.

It’s sad when I see the same scams perpetrated on the uninformed over and over again. If you are trying to raise capital, find a consultant, objective broker dealer or attorney who will listen to your needs and before doing anything will give you the good and bad news about the various options. Taking your company public can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career. You can purchase other companies with stock. You can use stock as collateral for quick loans to support growth. You can reward employees with shares in the company for meeting certain objectives. Go public, fulfill your dreams just use caution as you proceed.

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Musicians Frend


Musician’s Friend is a destination for musical instruments, exclusive content and helpful information on how to get the sound that one needs. One can find a huge selection of new and used guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion, live sound equipment, DJ Equipment, music software, studio equipment, and more. In addition, they have product reviews, video interviews, informative articles and an experienced customer service team standing by to help you with your choice.

The company musicians frend inc have guitar value packs, drum sets, ukuleles, guitar tuners, headphones, as well as top selling guitars from Gibson and Fender such as the Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Gibson Les Paul. Their team is made up of industry pros who live and breathe the musical craft and use their expertise to offer you a wide selection of music instruments and music gear. The company also markets iOS compatible gear, ukuleles, harmonicas, books, apparel print music and videos and collectibles.

Sell Your Merchandise And Services With Bluetooth

As we all know, about all phones these canicule accept the Bluetooth connectivity affection chip central them by default. About all buzz manufacturers accept agreed that this simple but able way of advice is often a must-have in all their buzz models and this technology is accepting alike added acknowledgment inside the users themselves? Would you brainstorm affairs a fresh corpuscle buzz these canicule after it accepting the Bluetooth feature? I didn’t anticipate so…

With the advanced advance on the phones that accept Bluetooth, a fresh abstraction in corporation has immerged. It is called: Bluetooth Marketing. This fresh adjustment of advance is enough added and added more than enough popular because of its simplicity. For instance, the business customer will configure the Bluetooth organization band-aid he has so that it keeps attractive for fresh Bluetooth accessories in his company adjacency and to acquaintance the detected phones as anon as they’re found.

When the buzz is contacted by the Bluetooth announcement solution, it is going to artlessly appearance a bulletin allurement the client from the phone, or the abeyant customer, for permission to accept a book inside sender (business owner). The almsman will artlessly accede as well as the advertisement will likely be delivered to the phone. It is as effortless as that. The capital affidavit abaft this advanced advance of Bluetooth business is:

– Very high percentage of ability consumers that cellular phones Bluetooth.

– Bluetooth campaigns are free. Therefore, messages that are sent to potential consumers price nothing. No operating costs.

– It is place based. So, it would have higher effect on the capability client and will encourage them to examine your merchandise out whilst they’re within your corporation proximity.

To accord an archetype of how Bluetooth organization is also acclimated to advance posts and services, let’s brainstorm how the Bluetooth business band-aid has been installed in a cine theatre. Though cat-and-mouse to your movie, you will get offers or trailers for fresh movies or advancing anon events. The cine theatre can additionally accelerate you agenda contest which will be stored central your phone’s agenda to admonish you of a fresh cine that you have been cat-and-mouse for. Is not that cool?

More Info on On Bluetooth Marketing and Bluetooth advertising

Making Of A Great Talent Agency In Fort Lauderdale

Powerful Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale Words of Wisdom

When you’re finally ready to take your modeling and/or acting skills to the next level, it’s important to have the correct talent agency in your corner.

Do they take everyday people and evaluate talent and then work on educating and promoting that talent into the best models and actors possible, and do the owners bring a ton of experience to you. Will they work extensively on connecting you with the best advertising companies, production companies, and casting directors after they’ve improved your natural talents.

What Makes a Good Fort Lauderdale Talent Agency

One owner possesses an extensive acting background. Having studied for two years at the American Musical Dramatic Academy after spending fours years at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Having been in many TV commercials, theatrical productions and films. Later on, head booking agent for the commercial print and fashion divisions of Foster Fell Model & Talent Agency.

Another owner began their career back in the 1970’s in the fashion industry where they worked with department stores, public relations firms, talent and advertising agencies in the development of catalogues, brochures, editorials, print work, as well as magazine, television and newspaper ads. Later, they figured they’d use their talents in the talent agency and modeling fields.

Fort Lauderdale is the Place to Act

Avenue Productions came into being after these two experienced and knowledgeable staff united all their various industry talents and over the years they’ve been able to match the correct television series, TV commercials, music videos, print/runway work, and movies with the best talent.

Avenue is a commission based agency, with no registration fees, so if you’d like to have the opportunity to work with them, then fill out their registration form and ask them to begin building your new career. You must come to the table, though, with the right attitude, a willingness to work long hours on casting calls and to work flexible hours.

Learn more about Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale. Stop by and take a look at Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale talent.

Musical Instruments for Kids

Musical Instrument

As a parent looking to spur your kids’ interest in music, you have the option of either buying those musical instruments or musical toys. Either option has an upside and a downside to it. Starting with the option of buying musical instruments for kids, the main advantage here is that early exposure to such instruments would tend to have the effect of making the kids very highly refined players of the said instruments.

Moreover, even where you are not that keen on getting your kid started on a musical career, you come to realize that research has shown that early exposure to real musical instruments can enhance certain brain functions in kids. Kids who were exposed to instrumental playing sessions were, for instance, shown to develop far better spatial reasoning skills than those who didn’t get that benefit. The downside to real musical instruments for kids is that, for one, they cost more than the musical toys.


Acne Strikes At Many Ages: Here Are Some Ways To Help

Whether it’s a pimple here and there, or a full blown acne problem, most people have dealt with acne in some way.

Advances are being made in dermatology, which can provide various simple techniques to

Use the advice in this article to get you acne under control.

You should always avoid popping, or picking at, acne pimples. Picking at spots can cause the bacteria to spread, leading to more blemishes.

No matter what your preferred method of stress reduction may be, the benefits are so worth the investment of time.

So relax with meditation or music or enjoy some simple exercise to bring your levels of stress within reason.

Since acne flourishes under stress you need to take the steps to take control of it.

Make sure that you skin is always clean, and wash it well after sweating.

You can reduce swelling and redness from acne by using a cool tea bag on the affected area.

This will pick up any bacteria and impurity on your skin. Do not use wipes as a daily routine in the place of your cleaner.

Production of these hormones can cause skin irritation, which can lead to acne. It is impossible to avoid getting stressed.

Utilize an appropriate cleanser to clean your face in the morning and at night.

Your acne-prone skin might benefit from a vacation from makeup.

Apple cider will help you get rid of all the toxins in your body, including the ones that cause acne. If you do not like the flavor of apple cider vinegar, there are drink recipes available online.

Staying away from makeup all together is the best way to keep your pores clean and healthy.

Yes, acne can be difficult to endure, but these tips can help you make a fresh start, get rid of pimples, and have the clear skin you really want.

Proper skin care is vital to prevent breakouts. Unfortunately, many acne sufferers do not know what steps to take. If you are susceptible to breakouts, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Stop spending your hard earned money money on expensive creams and lotions when acne has to be treated from the inside out not the reverse find out how and cure acne for here

The fusion of knowledge